Sunday, October 25, 2009

Re Obama Administration vs Fox (NOT) News Network

I am all for it. I have been saying the same thing about Fox for years.

I have been saying they are so deeply invested in the GOP Agenda that they should be regulated by the FEC as part of the GOP Political Party Operations.

Now I just saw some clip from a CNN show, where various people were voicing their opinions. One of them is a Journalism Professor who used to go on O'Reilly's show to represent the sane rational people's pov. She, I believe, said that it was a mistake, as you can't beat Rodger Ailes at his own game. (She called that came name calling/fighting. I call his sort of game scumbaggery.)

I think she was wrong. If there is one thing that I am seeing plainly is those people really are wussies. They can't take criticism. So instead of backing off, I would like to see more, much more pressure on those people. It doesn't have to come from the WH Communications Office, but come it should.

The more they get challenged, the crazier they sound and act. We can Ju Jutisu the bastards. It really can be done. Just stick with it, everyone!


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