Monday, October 05, 2009

I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton Sheet Wearing Racist Bastards -- South Carolina!

They (not all of them but the bumper crop of racist shits they got there) suck.

Let’s look at the numbers: The Southern Poverty Law Center counts 45 hate groups in the state—the highest per capita of any state in the union, if it still in fact is in the Union. Mississippi and Louisiana have a combined total of only 44 hate groups. There are so many hate groups in the state that a store—The Redneck Shop--had to open to supply these folks with all their bumper stickers and apparel. These sales hopefully will make up for losses due to the socialist boycotts over the rebel flag. And don't forget that Al Qaeda aider Jose Padilla called a South Carolina military brig home, albeit against his will, for five years.

The state reported a whopping 156 hate crimes in 2007 compared to 0 in Mississippi, 6 in Alabama , and 14 in Georgia. Of course 55 agencies in South Carolina actually submitted completed crime reports, while only 8 departments in all those other states combined bothered to, but that kind of accuracy ruins my headline point about the state’s dangers.

Next let’s look at the turbulent history and angry political orientation of the state. When they couldn’t get along the rest of Carolina, they split in 1719. Then in March 1776 they skirmished with the British and became the first state to declare independence. The state was also where a disgraced Aaron Burr sought refuge in 1804 after killing Alexander Hamilton in a New Jersey duel.

South Carolina; America's Friendliest State for Racist Bastards.



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