Wednesday, September 02, 2009

She Is Just the Comic Relief? I Almost Feel Sorry for Mrs. Palin.

I was one of those people who thought wtf? About Palin getting the gig to speak to the financiers.

I mean really?

Double take time!

What was up with that, I thought? Turns out it might be that she was hired not because those financiers take her seriously, but because they do not:

Business Insider reports that the request from brokerage firm CLSA was made "almost certainly as a practical joke."

In the past, they've polled Asian fortune tellers for index targets, hired anime cartoonists to draw Japanese research, and generally love to push the boundaries between entertainment and analysis. They are a real research firm, it's just that they love to sprinkle in some hilarity every now and then as a smart marketing gimmick.

Sarah Palin is this year's big laugh for them.

I said almost feel sorry for here. Fact she did not do a double take herself is sorta asking to get punked.


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