Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to posting quickies

Firstly, kudos to Tina Fey, for her well deserved Emmy for her brilliant send up of Caribou Barbie.

Next -- Mo Dowd's take on Rep. Joe Wilson's outburts being based (partly at least) on racism. Nailed that one, Mo. But instead of the charge just being another 'Oh, they say that about all the President's critics,' thing, here, Joe has a track record. Short of it is he is a neo confederate who is part of the save Southern Heritiage wing of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. That is basically a racist organization, today. And Rep. Wilson was one of the few in the S.C. Legislature who fought for the Racist Confederate flag to fly over the state house, there.

So hey; he sorta leaned that way, anyway. And I guess he is like many Americans not ready to deal with the fact that a not white guy is POTUS. So he demeans the office and the institution he is a member of, and then chalks it up to loosing control.

That is in of itself an admision right there, either of mental instability or being upset by the black man. I mean really the issue of whether or not illegial immigraints can get stitches at the local clinic is not that emotional a topic,particularly if you remove the racism from the whole freaking out about illegaly immigrants part out. Shit. Talk about a tar baby. Can't seperate the racism from this story any more than you can take the white out of rice.

Anyway . . .

Lastly -- The big Tea Bag Party. Not so big. Some time during the thing they (the weirdos ruinning it) got the idea in their heads the count should be at 1.5 million. Actual estimate from D.C.F.D. puts it at the 70,000 ish area.

So who is with me, in not being surprised they are inflating the numbers, and excessively?


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