Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Will Only Briefly Mention Ted-ly's Passing.

(I have been calling him that for decades. It's an inside joke. To me at least.)

And I am just going to say the following. It is the end of an era. We have lost a master statesman of the craft of the Senate Legislative process. And even if he is far from being a total saint, I think when it is all said and done, he did far more good than harm. One might say he spent decades trying to atone for that really awful night.


I still have that movie, "Inglorious Basterds," on the brain, even if I saw it Sunday.

With out going long, and I really enjoyed it, I think it is Tarrentino's most adult-ish film (granted it still is a teenager revenge fantasy, but it was put together by an adult.) But the movie does beg a very important and topical (now as ever as always) question:

is a psycho serial killer any less so, if they are killing in a noble cause, that is, in this case, killin' Nazis, who were the ultimate mass and serial killing shits of the species?


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