Sunday, August 16, 2009

GOP Psychotic Rage. Peeling the Onion.

I know the following is not new, or even all that hard analysis. It is stating the obvious, really.

Beyond the "Fear of a Black President," psychosis that has energized the more rabid segment of the GOP Base, there is another level to be viewed, that explains their insanity. That is the fact that as long as the current population shift continues, and the demographics of the GOP remain sort of constant, the party is going to be on its last legs, if not nearly extinct in 50 years.

So what we are watching is not merely racists being racists. We are watching the GOP go through the K├╝bler-Ross Stages of Death. But that does not always work out smoothly from one stage to the next. I would say the GOP is mostly in Denial and Anger, all the same time.

But there it is. The Rage of the GOP is the rage of a feeble and declining elderly person, who knows that Death awaits, and really does not want to deal with it. So they fuss and fight and act out and will go out kicking and screaming and ugly, if that is what keeps them from having to accept the inevitable.

So kids. Be prepared for even worse shit from these people. And remember. You heard it first here, from yours truly.


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