Sunday, August 09, 2009

Best Outcomes and How Get There.

The GOP and industry led antidemocratic mobs trying to shut down debate at town hall meetings fucking suck.

How could this end in a good way for the country, as opposed to where we are leading right now, and that is to increasing violence? (The irony that it is white GOP members who are taking the country in the direction of "going ghetto" is not lost on me, but seems to be lost on them, apparently.)

We need what I think of as an ultimate fugazy moment. We need a Toto pulls back the curtain and shows the wizard is some chicken shit little old man moment.

We need to so completely delegitimize the story that no one but Fox will follow the story anymore.

I don't know what will do that. I think right now that if I had been hired by the Obama Admin, or were still at least tied into the machinery of the DNC and auxiliaries, I would be sending memos up the food chain saying how we need to pressure the other networks to tell the story straight. That they should in no way enable the conspiracy here. They have been doing it. They have been aiding and abetting the bullshit GOP since before GWB got elected, and that shit needs to stop.

That is not in of itself the aha moment. But that will at least remind the main stream media not to allow themselves to be played like a flute.

And if they stop allowing themselves to be punked like that, then maybe when the right moment comes along, they will cover it the right way. objectively, and that is all we need here; the truth. instead of truthiness or other kinds of bullshit.


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