Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Racist Republican Rednecks Love the Professor Gates Arrest Story.

They get a double dose of their hate on.

They get to pick on a black man (all blacks, really. I mean, by extension not only Pres. Obama, but they get their hate on all us black folks.)

And they get to pick on the elite of the elite; a Harvard Professor. What could make a unrepentant racist bigot happier? Oh. He's handicapped. Call it a triple play!

Think about all them redneck bigots getting their panties all wet at the sight of a late middle-aged black Harvard Elite Professor, who needs a cane to walk, being arrested in his own house by that brave young strong white man.

I would say shame of them, but I know it would be a waste; them bitches get off on that shit.


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