Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is the punchline to that old joke, how do you get to Carnagie Hall?

I just saw the replay of Firefighter Ricci, testilying before the Sotomayor hearing panel.

Now before you accusue me of picking on someone with Dyslexia, I will say this much up front. One of the most brilliant guys I met in law school had something similar to dyslexia. His solution (once he figured out his problem and how do deal with it) was that if at all possible he would learn something like a prepared speech, 300%, so he did not have to read it in public off the page, with his finger tracking each word, and end up looking like he was in fact using his finger to follow each word.

And what did Firefighter Ricci do? Did he memorize HIS speech? Hell no. He read it off the paper, using his finger to track each word, as he read.

Now does this mean I am spanking on the boy for using his finger, on account of his dyslexia? Hell no.

But I am calling him out as a bitch and a tool, as it is obvious to me, he did not write what he wrote. If he had, he would not have had to read each and every word in a row, off the damm page.

Do these Republicans think we are stupid? They bitch and moan about how those of us who went to Tier One schools are all self-important elitists. Then they pull that sort of shit, and act all surprised when we call them out for their really bad stunts.

Again. People with Dyslexia routinely memorize what they want to say when they know in advance they are going to have to say something that can be prepared. Ya don't have to be a cognitive specialist to know that.

I'm a BA grad in Theatre, and my next performance skill set is music.

What is the punchline to that old joke, how do you get to Carnagie Hall?
Practice Practice.

Fireman Ricci did not have enough time to do that. As he did not write the thing himself.


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