Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Want To Know Who Really are the Activist Judges?

Read this:

Roberts Court Shifts Right, Tipped by Kennedy.

As an attorney, I should be more respectful, but these Republican justices are pulling the law in the direction their politics says it should be, and in many cases, never had been (The New Haven Fire fighters Case is a great example of that shit.)

Please read the article. The most disturbing part is the fact that Scalia and Thomas are no longer the most conservative, ideologically speaking, justices.

Fuck a duck!

George Bush. You might have ended up being a fake conservative to die hard conservatives now (he always was, but you just can't tell some peeps what they do not want to hear, when they are pig stubborn set on being stupid, deaf,)but you delivered the real goods on you nominations to the SCOTUS. May you rot in the worst level of hell for that.

But honestly? You are going there (if such a place exists) on account of that whole being a mass murderer thing, anyway.


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