Monday, July 13, 2009

So Caribou Barbie Actually Did Have a Nervous Breakdown . . . of Sorts . . .

I actually feel a little sorry for her. I am thinking about deleting some of the harsher insults I have thrown her way, recently.

Now you would think in a rational world, the matter of her being totally unfit for higher office is now moot.

But this is the United States of Reality TV, be it on the Redneck Channel, or all the others.

So don't be expecting the Palinistas to back down just yet.

So even if I am still a little sorry for her, I still want to see her ass indicted and convicted.

I want her out of the political game for good. A nice juicy felony conviction is just the thing to do that. Not that that will shut up all the Palinistas. But only the most insane will still be cheering for her.


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