Monday, July 06, 2009

More about Freaking Lunatic Alaskan Evita Gate

Could the bitch be that nutzo? That is not even the point but yes. She could believe that shit she spewed at her news conference. That does not mean shit though. She is so nucking futz that she could believe her own bullshit even if she had the signed promise to surrender to authorities stuffed in her icy underwear.

Again. Fuck a duck. This one is so crazy that only Ann Coulter really thinks that the reasons given for the resignation are real.

Time for a run back to reality. I watched the vid, and chunks of it over and over this past weekend. Bitch is not happily moving on to the best days of her life ahead. Bitch is under serious stress. Bitch left many clues and cues in that vid. Watch it. Look at her mouth. Ya can't really see her lying eyes past the too small frames, but the tell a little story too.

And I know what the redneck horde is thinking. The EFF BEEE EYE said there is no investigation.

No. That is not what they (the guy) said. Read the statement carefully. Then remember he could be lying. Then think, ok is the mere fact he and his peeps are not conducting the investigation the last possible word?

I am hoping I am right in thinking that it might be the IRS or DHS or someone else with the warrant.

Ahh. I would love to be the person to serve an arrest warrant on her, and read her her rights. I would feel like I saved the nation from some calamity before it unleashed it's horror on the land.


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