Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Instead of Cussing Out Caribou Barbie, This Time I will Cuss Out John McCain.

And a very heart felt bah fongul, to Sen. John McCain. I won't swear to it, but as of this moment, and I mean after I started this, I think he deliberately Palinized us. I am now willing to think he thought he did not have a chance, and as a way of saying fuck you America, I should have been your president 8 years ago, he foisted this ignorant redneck and her reality TV family on us as his revenge.

So fuck you back.

And why am I going on this tack? And yesterday I was actually feeling a little sorry for her?

Ok. I read her op ed. The most complimentary thing I can say is there was only one inappropriate exclamation point there. But she went all Hannity Message Board Moron by calling "Cap and Trade,""Cap and Tax."


Never mind the salient criticism. She is yet again offering up 19th century solutions for 21st century energy and Climate Change problems. Is that what a breath of fresh air does? Break like the wind?

And I would like to see some one call her out for suggesting the solution to the Nation's problems is to make sure her own family, friends, and fellow citizens of Alaska get paid.

Fuck a duck!


Olbermann did call her out on it, tonight. Yea, N'Eastern Aggies Rule!


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