Friday, July 17, 2009

I Will Start With the Sotomayor Hearings Inspired Haiku.

Who could buy his act?
Or those other clowns? Really!
Now that's race baiting.

Beyond that I will mention the circular illogic behind some white people's objection to Affirmative Action. I just saw this tape of Pat Buchanan going bonkers about that stuff, on the Rachael Maddow show. Now he did not announce it in this blatant a way, but his whole argument regarding not only that, but the Sotomayor nomination and related and unrelated issues leads me to this conclusion.

Affirmative Action is bad because white people who do not want to see other people get ahead are forced to do that. And because they are forced to do it, they are resentful, and will then claim (even when there is no real basis for believing it) that the non white is not qualified.

And that old racist made that clear with his equating Judge Sotomayor with Harriet Miers, saying Sotomayor was not qualified, despite getting the top rating from the ABA, and her actually-accomplished academic accomplishments, and her actual long length of time as a Federal judge. Then at one point (likely after his passionately cried argument that it is the poor white man who is being held down) he really started telling real lies. Maddow challenged Buchanan about how his grades at his college would stack up against Sotomayor's. He dodged that part at first, then said (shakily as I think he knew he was about to tell a whopper) his grades/rank from high school were better.

I should say that she graduated Valedictorian. I don't think Pat did. Lemme check. He does not list any academic honors on his own website. And I should not be surprised that he told that lie knowing it was a lie, as the fact Sotomayor had been Valedictorian has been out there since day one, and as well, her other academic honors.

Do you want to know what Pat Buchanan said about Suma Cum Laudes? That is the academic honor you have to have a 4.0 to earn, usually. Well he said, in that segment, that they give them to half the class nowadays. Even if that were true now, and it clearly is not, she went to Princeton decades ago.

Now I could go way off on how bad an evil lying racist he is, but hey. This is not news. Thing is, he is a weird duck in the sense that he is smart enough to know better than to lie like that, but he knows he will get away with it some of the time, so I guess that is why he does that shit?


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