Sunday, July 12, 2009

I know Some of You Don't Get Me. It's Your Damn Fault, Really. You Don't Read.

I am not saying you are illiterate. I am saying you are not reading the words I post in the context I post them, and with the standard American English meanings. That means, don't make shit up, don't analyze my posts too deeply. I got an A- in the CLEEP Test for College English, seriously hung over from drinking PBR. So I do know how to express myself in this language, very well; likely better than you, to be honest, but I am not going all elite here. I am just saying.

Anyway . . . some people who don't read me properly (meaning, literally) might think I am hostile to all things religiously-inspired. Perish that though. I might not personally be down with the mere idea of worship, but I am most certainly down with the "making a joyous noise unto God," part:


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