Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Honestly can't say Wow as I Have Been Telling All Ya'll this for Months. Republican Racist Rednecks are Coming Unglued, and Getting More Obvious

But I can say Fuck a duck.

Racist redneck republicans over on the Hannity Message Board are fired up. Incensed! Not because a black man was arrested in his own home, following a bogus B & E claim that was easily and already dis proven to be bullshit. No. These racist republicans don't give a flaming fuck about that.

They are upset, however, that Pres. Obama criticized the police officer who made the bogus arrest, of which I should say, the charges stemming from which have already been dropped.

President Obama is a racist since he took sides with the black guy who was clearly wrongfully arrested by the white police officer, and the bogus arrest has already been invalidated, meaning ruled wrongful, on account of the charges being dropped.
Fuck a duck indeed.
And I am going to get personal here. I lost what I once thought of as a sane, and decently moral friend to that racist world of internet, Republican Redneck bigotry and racism. I am not sorry to say it. Anyone who can put up with that sort of racist garbage really has some severe problems.

In the case of my ex friend, I hope she finally pulls her pretty head out of her ass.

Shit does not make blonde hair look or smell all that attractive, if you know what I mean.


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