Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have You Checked Out Palin's Twitter Page Yet?

Unsurprisingly, the character limitation has not forced her to be more succinct, but instead, makes her seem three times as incoherent as when she can ramble on about what the voices in her head tell her. Things like, she is the hope for a new Christian Dominated America where people eat, therefore they hunt.

Stop making things up, since the troops are troops.

And leave the kids alone, you tiny Hollywood starlets.

Ya. I mangled her Quitting Speech instead of her Twits, but shit lady. You, Mrs. Palin, are a disgrace to the whole range of Communication Degree Earners.

Here is an example of her (George Carlin forgive me, but ya get the joke, I am sure) Brain Droppings:

"judge investigation,destroy integrity of process&strip rights;Abuse WILL cont til leaks/friv filers r held accntble&press reports accurately"

It is so bad, that it like she is a cooking school grad, who burns water while boiling it.

Yes. She really is that lousy a communicator.


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