Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Freddy Kruger-Like Faction of the Redneck Republican Horde. They Won't Die!

Yes, I am talking about the "Birthers," and their increasingly crazy shit. Weirdest part is it seems to be gaining some tacit, like Fox Not News, and in some cases, like Lou Dobbs, overt endorsement in the wider realm of the GOP.

Now you might not have seen me say, earlier, that I am offended by the idea of treating nutty shit as if it deserved a veneer of respectability. I believe that a society advances with the right of free speech enforced, but that does not mean every one's opinion is worth a damn. Some shit is too lunatic to be stood. The birthers are that far gone.

But there is more to it.

Now do I think all the teabagger are racists? Naw. I have seen plenty of Republicans get fired up over taxes and what not, that I have to believe some are really only in that movement on accout of actual issues. So let's say just half of the teabaggers are racists.

But the Birthers? Not only are these people unhnged from reality, but I am willing to say that pretty much all of them are racists. The are upset that a dark skined man is POTUS. Nothing in the way of documentary evidence is going to convince them to stop their insane whining. This is about finding a new way to call the man a nigger with out using the word nigger. Foreigner, or Kenyan is as good as they can get away with it. Those with a bigger vocabulary use the word usurper (even if it is wrong in context to use that word for a POTUS). But what it really is all about is the racism.

If Hillary won the primary and election, she would be facing her own tailor made storm of hate from the GOP, but I doubt anyone would be questioning her birth certificate. They would call her evil bitch and all that, but they would not make an issue of her eligibility based on race or ethnicity, on account of that whole being white thing.


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