Sunday, July 05, 2009

File a Defamation Action Against me, You Dumb Twit. PWEEAASSEEE!

Ok. If you heard about the emails between Palin and a Senior McCain staffer, that came out earlier this week, you know what I mean. If not, here is the summary. At a time when the story about Toddster, First Dude previously being a member of the Alaska's Seceesh trash party was out there, but not enough so that the major media outlets gave it any play, that twat Palin insisted that the McCain peeps jump all over it. The McCain people, them having IQs above 65 said that since it was not really on the radar, let sleeping dogs lie. Palin, being the moronic twit she is, insisted again, and further insisted the McCain camp publish some factually inaccurate statement (what reality based people call a lie and total fabrication.) They refused.

Moving on, yesterday allegedly one of Palin's supporters, allegedly her lawyer (and I will not say for sure as this is lie upon lie upon lie before we get to the is he really her lawyer question), threatened peeps with defamation lawsuits for making mention of the fact there are rumors out there that she is an embezzler and a crook.

Fuck a duck.

But beyond that, bitch, sue me for defamation. I dare you. I really have no desire to do litigation again. Irony is based on how I have made my living the past 4 years, I am an expert sifting through data discovery. But more to the point. Even it it has been years since I have personally drafted interrogatories and document requests, I am so good at that shit that I have only this to say.

Bring it, bitch.


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