Thursday, July 09, 2009

Can I Go for a Day Without Harping on that Dominionist Anti-American Alaskan?

Yes. But not today, and that is only obliquely.

Have you ever noticed how people seem increasingly insane, themselves, when they try to defend, explain, or excuse Sarah Palin for being no smarter than a bucket full of snot?

I was just watching some of a recent blogging heads, with Ann Althouse serving as the Palin Excuser/Interpreter.

Fuck a duck.

The portion of the webcast I watched was out of sequence, on account of the link I used, and I did not watch all, I could only take so much of it before my bullshit sensor when to Critical! Abort! Flee!

But she actually said words to the following. She said Palin is articulate enough if you give her enough of the facts and she does the necessary home work.

Again, I say . . Fuck a duck! Firstly, bizzaotch don't like doing homework. That is why she comes accross like a witless rube so much. Beyond that, Althouse, in her lame defense of Palin, actually provides the prosecution of her failings. What Ms. Althouse describes is the qualities one expects in a computer. But for a good, competent politician we need qualities more in line with an engineer who design's computers, not some thoughtless data repeating device, like a computer is. Computers are really stupid things. They do not think. They just run the programs that are there to be run. There is not judgment there, just following the instructions.

And let's be honest here. Palin is so stupid she is more like a computer running Window 95, than a better modern OS.

Remember the Blue Screen of Death? Ya that is Palin's brain at work; the BSD.

Anyway, that is it for now.


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