Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are They That Ignornant That They Don't See That as Pure Bigotry, or

Are they so damn proud of being religious bigots, that they don't care that they come across as completely shit-awful excuses for allegedly human life forms, when they spew that sort of nasty shit?

(I think both, considering the broad range of the group. But for too many, the latter.)

This is religious bigotry, and it is just as ugly as racial or ethnic based bigotry.

I know something like 66% of the nation considers itself to be some flavor of christian. I am, for all intents and purposes, part of the small fraction of that 1/3 that not only does not self-identify as such, but I am basically agnostic. And I am offended, every bit as much as I would have been if the statement was that America is a White Anglo Saxon nation.

It is the same virulent kind of pathogen. It is only a different strain.


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