Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009. A Landmark Year.

Not only do we have the first African American President sworn in, but we get to see the Nation made safe for oppressed white rednecks to stand up against their historical oppressors; the black man.

Yes. It was sorta only simmering on the back burner, even for the significantly racist Republican Party, but this is the year of the coming out of the closet for the Republican Redneck Cult of the Church The Oppressed White Man.

I mean ain't it obvious how the black man has been keeping the white man down in this nation for four hundred years?

Doubt me? As Glenn Beck, and Pat and Bay Buchanan, and all them birthers, and all them bitches who have been calling P. Obama a racist for being black, having a black friend, and sticking up for him in public when that friend was arrested for no good reason at all?

What the fuck! (I am giving the duck a rest, tonight.)


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