Thursday, June 04, 2009

You Don't Crank on the Ghetto Peeps Anywhere Near as Much Ya Do on Rednecks. And There is a Logical Reason for That.

In the arena of American Political Noise, the rednecks are like Roseanne slaughtering the National Anthem. Ghetto peeps? Hardly a peep outta them peeps.

Ya sure. Some redneck cops rape a black man with a nightstick? That will get you an angry protest.

Some redneck cops get acquited of murdering a black man? That might get you a riot.

But them racist Republican rednecks?

They loose an election mostly on account of the fact that the rest of folk really do not like them their political party, and their shitty psycho ideas about most anything very much?

Them whiney assed bitches protest that, and start planing a March on Washington. Ya. That is supposed to be about taxes. And that my friends is just another evil lie from the evil Republicans. They are just pissed that the truth about them is out again. So they are going to act up even more in public, and prove what trash they are.

Bring it!

Speaking of acting out? Sen. Graham, you are supposed to be one of the Republican Adults. Ya sure. Lots of the peeps who routinely vote for him are pure redneck. But his stance on Sotomayor? Troubled? Let me find that quote.

"Being an average, every-day white guy ... that does not exactly make me feel good hearing a sitting judge say that."

Yo, Senator, yew bitch, you prove her point, even at the most sharp and extreme, right there.

I am hoping to see in my lifetime, and the sooner the better, him loosing his seat in a general election to either a black woman or a Latina. The first scenario is more likely though.

Let's send this redneck back to the backwoods country where his race baiting if not racist ass belongs.


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