Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Palin's Less Than Phyrric Victory over Dave Reminds me of Caligula.

And it has nothing to do with sex, kids. Beyond Dave's Knock-Knock joke that is.

Now the Roman Emperor Caligula was fucking nuts. People thought oh hey ain't that odd, when he started saying he was Zeus. Then he decided he was mad at Poseidon and went to war against the Sea God. Then he actually led some Legions to the sea, and came back with the treasure he captured from Poseidon; cases of sea shells. Now if there was anyone in the Senate or Patrician Class of Rome who was holding out the chance that "Little Boots" really was not all that fucking crazy, this is when they basically said, aw fuckit, and found excuses for leaving the Imperial City or any where near it.

Why does Palin's 'victory' remind me of Caligula's psychotic capture of worthless treasure? What did she gain, here? She got an already apologetic late night TV host and comic to apologize a second time (setting herself up for sweet slow revenge. No doubt.) And she got the cheap thrill of energizing the Ignorant Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP.

And here is where the law of diminishing returns really kicks in.

She tipped her hand, and all she is holding is a pair of threes. Moving right away from the cards analogy, she has shown that for all her pit bull with lipstick, mamma bear bullshit, she will whine whine whine whine whine, like a particularly bratty and emotionally underdeveloped pre adolescent girl child who's been told she is not going to get her way on something she reallyreallyreally wanted.

In other words, it is not so much that she plays dirty. She plays like a hypocritical brat, and really is not at all good at the finesse of the thing. She is as obvious as the smell of rotten eggs.

So what does that mean beyond her looking like a fool? The other major contenders for the crown of Nominal Auto arch of the Redneck Horde, Messrs. Gingrich and Huckabee, now know what crass and lame tactics she will employ if she does actually run for the nomination. And That Blow Dried, Executive Looking multi-millionaire Romney is watching the low rent Palin Family Redneck Reality TV Show with interest too. Likely he has already commissioned the dirt file that the Dems never did (never really needed it.) And I imagine he is going to hold on to that bag of flaming shit until the moment is ripe and maximum political damage can be had.

Of course he won't throw it himself. He is a real executive. He has servants to take care of the shit work for him. He doesn't go on TV to do that him self.


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