Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This Might Be the Only Time I Ever Agree With Alaskan Evita.

(Save on account of her uttering one of those univeral things.)

I heard this in my car today. So it is not alleged (I just don't have a link yet.)

Apparently she got a little tipsy as that GOP Bore Fest of a party (likely on that Elitist Champagne -- ohh my goodness it tickles my nose more than Moosehead beer does, dontcha know.) And in front of a microphone or tape recording device said something to the effect of the following:

Gosh no, I'm not ready to be president.

I hope that if she changes her mind about that, that people play that tape until most everyone but her most die hard supporters can not think of anything regarding her, but for her saying that (oh, and that she wears a modified Mullet.)


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