Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speaking of Lying Evil Republicans

One of the most perplexing lies they tell, perplexing in the sense that can anyone actually believe it, is the one about how christians are some sort of oppressed group in America.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so does a pie chart count as such?

And at risk of further complicating what has so far been a very straightforward point, I will say as follows.

One of the worst things about Republicans is how and when they play the "Apples and Horse shoes" game. Don't know what I mean there? That's ok. I'll 'splain what I mean. Apples and Horse shoes is a reference to how they will unashamedly compare two things that are very dis similar, and then try to say that they are the same.

These lying-assed evil bastards don't care about reality or truth. They care about making their ideological or if not that, whiny-assed point. So when they say they are oppressed they mean that they are not allowed to have the nation declared a Specifically christian one, where christian views and orthodoxy are the law.

That is how they are being oppressed. They are being thwarted in their theocratic ambitions. Someone dares disagree with them, and does not let them have what they want, on account of that whole, they are not entitled to what they want, part. To them, that is being oppressed.

Get it?

Anyway, I have had the following chestnut in my head for a few days and I might as well drop it in here.

Praying to God is Blasphemy. Yes you read right. I will say it again. Praying to God is Blasphemy.


What is the alleged nature of God? God is supposed to be an all powerful and all knowing being. So if one prays to God, one is attempting to exercise some sort of power over God, to move God to pity and grant the desired thing. And if you think you can move God to pity, you think you can exercise some control over God. And that means you really don't think God is all powerful if you really believe you, a puny earthling, can can move God to pity and get God to grant you your request.

This stuff gets quite perplexing, if you start to question it. Am I right?


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