Sunday, June 07, 2009

Religious Racist Redneck Republicans

Ya. Now we have the full slate. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Rhetorical question, that. I know what is wrong with these people. I have said it here over and over. It is not merely that they believe they are right, but they can not accept the slightest possibility they are or could be wrong about anything. So should it be any surprise that Huckabee and Newt showed up for one of those (allegedly) Christian Bigot parties?

"At an event in Virginia titled "Rediscovering God in America," Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee aimed to recapture lost political momentum for the Christian right with strong exhortations for members to involve themselves in politics in order to maintain and increase the presence of religion in the public square."

Again, this is why those people piss me off. I don't care who they worship. I don't care how they worship. Just keep that stuff in their churches and homes. Ok? The moment they start dragging their crap out into the public square is when they start fucking with my peace and tranquillity. And they are not allowed to do that. Their rights to believe and worship what ever the fuck they want ends at my nose, and my nose does not want to deal with their shit. Unless I am in the mood for it. And if I were in the mood for it, I know where to find that kinda shit, I don't need some Christian Hypocrite standing on the street corner preaching at me.

Never mind that I believe that spending one's time informing an all powerful and all knowing deity, Who naturally understands that They are an all powerful and all knowing deity, that they are in fact an all powerful and all knowing deity, is basically an idiotic thing to do. It makes as much sense as standing near the ocean, and telling the ocean it is wet. But still. Even if I don't get the why of it, that shit turns some people on. And that is fine by me. Humans are known to do even stranger shit than that. So I really don't care if they do it, so as long as they keep that shit to themselves.

Edit to Add:

These fucking Religious Rednecks scare the shit outta me. Just saying.


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