Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pat Buchanan Prefers Old-school Bigotry.

Makes one wonder if he wants to brig back Jim Crow, too.

Old Bigotry

I can not even act surprised, as I have been accusing the main stream GOP of being far too lenient of the obvious racists in their midst, and not at the least concerned about the far greater number of border liners or closet cases who know enough they can't say what they really think about "Them Others," out loud. But you know they will talk differently when their guard is down and they are among like mind bigots.

All the complaining I do about the Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP is proving to be more true, every fucking day. And the Sotomayor hearings are going to be the main event.

It is ironic though. It seems that the Redneck Racist Wing of the GOP is turning out to be the biggest Race Baiters of all time. Oh. And they are the biggest whiny assed babies, too. Just watch.


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