Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ok. I am Up. Awake. And Watching McLaughlin Group.

Expect an update later, following some horrible or ignorant or bullshit thing Monica Crawley says.

Before that, though. People please; don't go bat shit stooge with the green ribbons and calling this event in Iran a Freedom Movement. It is way less than that. For now. I can't say it will not, no way, become a full blown counterrevolution. But we (they, actually) are far from that point, at this moment in time, and I am not holding my breath on their getting there, anytime soon.

Questions to anyone thinking this is a freedom movement. How much do you know about Iran/Persian history? How much do you know about the Islamic Revolution? How much do you really know about what is and has been going on in Iran for the past 10/20 years?

Ok. Here goes Monica. She is one of those ignoramuses who thinks this is regime change, or a chance to help that happen.

Oh. Lawrence O'Donnell called her on it. Asked her directly for more,"Nonsense."

Shit. Monica is so far off the deep end here, that Pat Buchanan is schooling her, explaining why Prez. Obama can not take sides.

She really is an idiotic ideologue. It is like what I heard this guy in a vid I watched earlier today, said about neocons. They are like that football team with only one play -- run it up the middle. And they never learn to try a new play. Ya Monica, despite the mess that still is Iraq, she still wants to run the ball up the middle. Silly Twit.


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