Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now All Right Wing Republican Redneck Racists are Not This Bad, But . . .

The mere fact the rest of them seem to hold up as objects of merit and respect theclearly racist ones, says a lot about how mind fuckingly stupid the Redneck Wing of the Republican Party is.

I am talking about the now known as, and arrested for double murder bitch who has been associated with that racist bunch of trash, the Minuteman Movement; Shawna Forde.

Here is the quote that says all you need to know:

"Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said of Forde, "If you look at her history closely, and you know what we know, she is at best a pyschopath.""

Shawna Forde Arrested for Double Homicide.

As tempting as it is to link this incident to the two recent publicized incidents of redneck terrorism, I am going to pass. This was a plain old fashioned felony committed by a plain old fashioned crazy bitch, who just happened to be involved in sick Republican Redneck Racist garbage. However, the victims were Latinos. It could turn out to be both a pathological hate crime and a pathological crime of opportunity.

Now that I think about it more, let me amend what I just said. YES. This might not be an act of domestic Terrorism, but it is a violent felony committed by Right Wing Racist Rednecks against them sort of people they don't consider to be "Their kind of people."

Ordinary redneck racists are bad. Homicidal ones are worse.


Blogger Defensores de Democracia said...

The Minutemen - Who are the Minutemen ??? -- What the Minutemen do -- If it barks like a dog and wags the tail like a dog then .......

The Minutemen are a Paramilitary Organization with lots of Jeeps, Humvees, Special Desert Vehicles, Weapons, Camouflage and lots and lots of Weapons, even assault weapons, or sniper rifles with telescopic sights, night vision binoculars, Global Position Systems GPS, Water tanks, munnitions and lots of Military Paraphernalia.

They act as a police, aiming guns at people with threats of shooting, they make arrests, they take prisoners. They act as police or as a normal army.

To assume that this has no political value or that it does not pose a political pressure is sheer ignorance of History and naivete.

This should be called what it ir really is : a PARAMILITARY organization, and as such it has a political value. If it barks like a dog and wags the tail like a dog then it is a dog.

So what happened, that they are commiting crimes and murders should not surprise us. This is probably not new.

And that they killed a beautiful nine year old girl only indicates the level of HATE that this organization teaches.

The Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi Skinheads have also had training camps and lots of dangerous assault weapons. They have also always had PARAMILITARY overtones.

And Hitler had his own personal army of Paramilitaries : The Brownshirts Stormtroopers.

The Sturmabteilung SA (German: “Assault Division”)

The SA protected Nazi Party meetings and assaulted political opponents. They were very useful in breaking the Windows of Jewish Business, harassing Jews, Humiliating Jews, kicking, beating and murdering Jews, Socialists and Communists, etc ..

Vicente Duque

12:02 PM  

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