Sunday, June 07, 2009

Newt Says Sotomayor's a Racialist?

Ok. I admit I was working on a post re this new twist in Newt's rhetoric. After reading, and reading again, I had to re think what I originally was going to say, and I have to say

(a) Newt is being clever, even if acting like the Wanna-Be King of the Racist Republican Redneck Club, and

(b) I have been saying this shit for years; redneck Republicans want to bend, twist, and warp the meanings of the words used to describe real racism to the point where they mean nothing at all.

The word racialist actually is a real word and has a distinct meaning from racist. The racist, as opposed to a racialist, is supposed to be hung up on the superiority of their race (or the inferiority of other "races.") A racialist is suppose to be preoccupied by race.

Here is a definition of racialism:

a. An emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or interpreting events.
b. Policy or practice based on racial considerations.

So it seems that Newt thinks he was making some point there that Sotomayor puts too much time and thought into such things, based on that one quote. And he might have a point if the thing she was talking about was not race and sex discrimination cases, actually.

What The Fuck!

But the use of this word for her is not even his idea, likely. The shit fer brains over the NRO have been kicking it around for a few days and he picked it up.

And I know some people might think I use these cuss words and insults too much, but I can back up this instance by pointing out the (lack of) logic being employed here by Newt and company. If we are going to start judging people by the context of what was the topic they were talking about, when they were talking about something that inherently concerns the subject of race, well than by the same token, everyone who uses that word, "racialist," is a racialist. You can't use that word that way without yourself doing what you are accusing the other person of doing.

Ya that is disturbingly ironic. But irony and disturbing things are not strangers to the Racist Republican Redneck Club.

Expect to see that word used a lot, between now and the end of the hearings (if not longer after that.) I have half-jokingly described the Republican Rednecks as an endangered sub-species that acts like they know they are an endangered sub-species. This -- the hearings -- is only act one in the battle plan. And the battle plan is going to involve race as the new big wedge issue. Like I said, they are seeing how far they can go, and that only means they will entrench at that point, and then push.

And even well meaning white folks are feeling more threatened than usual. Not so much the reality of the America they know and have known (which has always been a dynamic, changing, evolving thing) but it is their delusional, fictional, fantasy version of America that is now disappearing. I want to just call it The Lilly White America of the Imagination, but the reality is it is more subtle than that, if we want to keep the point as broad as possible, we should not focus exclusively on race. Instead we should call it more like "People Like Us" syndrome. Every human has the seed of that syndrome in their personality, and in their minds. But most keep it with in reason. In its more extreme forms, it is quite pathological. And Newty and the other Republican racist rednecks are betting on this to be the thing that unites the right wing, and hopefully increases their appeal across America. Pretty crass and disgusting, I'd say.

But they have telegraphed their intent. We know they are going to entrench on that line. So be prepared to see even worse shit, to come.

Oh, and did ya'll catch Alaskan Evita's saying "Screw the political correctness."

And that reminds me. It is time to add the following entries to the Dog-whistle Coded Word Glossary.

Racialist: a word Republican Redneck Racists use to describe any "other," seen as a threat to People Like Us." You know, civil rights advocates, defenders of people other than us. Liberals.

Screw Political Correctness: the war cry of the Racist Redneck Horde. We can't say screw people like them, but we can say screw being nice to them and protecting their rights. Right?


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