Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ms. Palin. Mothers who Fondle Their Infant Son's Genitals Should Not Insuinate that Others are Pedophiles.

What the fuck?

And in any case, as I will admit she really is not finger banging her baby there (and yet it is so close to that it is damned creepy. Am I right?) But still. What the fuck kind of way is that to hold a baby. Hell. The junior crumb snatcher could be a born genius, but he ain't gonna remember him self the GOP Convention of '08. Even a genius baby would be thinking . . . oh goo maks fak ah. At best. So why the fuck is this bitch holding the kid that way? Exploiting him for the cameras, mebbie?

What an evil cow elephant seal she is.

I confess, I should not enjoy hurling insults at her this much. But hell. She is unofficial queen of the rednecks. And I despise rednecks on account of that whole being stupid, ignorant bastards who celebrate the fact that they are stupid ignorant bastards, part. So I heap scorn and and ridicule on her, with little to no guilt.

I do sorta feel sorry for the kids. It could not have been, nor can it be easy growing up with that fucking disaster for a mother, and that lump of whale shit for a daddy.

Edit to add:

I was going a few rounds of political tag with a Republican friend in email. The topic was that canard about Palin being so hot. Granted, I made some good points earlier, but I decided to shut that shit down in the way I could and win. So I posted a message to this friend with the punchline, this is why I grade hard, and posted a pic of a woman I know who is an ex model. On look at that picture as my evidence for not thinking Palin as hot, and the friend immediately (well this is email, but still) changed the topic.

Game. Set. Match!


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