Sunday, June 14, 2009

It Really Should Not Be a Surprise to Anyone With Half a Brain, Not a Republican, But . .

It might be at least ironic, that the Republicans are actually the more contemptible race baiters, not even needing the appearance of actual racist leanings, to hurl the charge for it's value as a weapon, and beyond that, that they are the whiniest group of emotionally disturbed folk outside of a reform school for adolescent girls.


I thought (they claimed) to be the party of manly men. They cry over anything. They cry over everything.

Well, mostly it is because they are once again figuring out that the rest of us really do not like them very much.

They claim it doesn't matter. They say they don't want to be popular if that means relenting on their (they say values, I say) bigotry and ideology.

They lie. They do actually care, many of them. Thing is, even if it hurts their sociopathic little, only really care about them own selves, feelings, when people tell them, they suck on account of that whole being mean shits, thing? Well they just are not willing to give up sucking and being mean shits. They will instead deny being mean shits, as the pee in your Cornflakes, and set your dog on fire with lighter fluid. And then they will act out even more. Then they will sulk. And if we are talking about Sen. Grassley, he will tweet like the loudest tweetie bird ever, all about how he is the victim.



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