Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Being Facetious. But Follow My Argument.

The Racist Redneck Wing of the Republicans is calling Judge Sotomayor a racist for suggesting that based on the empathy she has based on her life experiences, she hopes she might arrive at better decisions than a white male judge. And they are saying that in nearly the same breath they say they do not believe in empathy being a good thing for judges to have.

Miss the irony, much?

Everyone rise with me as we say as one:

"Empathy is a good thing for all humans to have. Humans who lack it, are sociopaths. And for the record, that is a very bad thing to be!"

Don't these people actually check their arguments for consistency? How about check them for at least not sounding like a total hack, slinging any kind of shit, hoping it sticks?

Changing tack if not topic, I have noticed that the Racist Redneck Wing is pulling back on the excessive rhetoric, following the "Adults" telling them they should.

Now I HATE, HATE, thinking they, the Redneck Wing, have any thing like smarts, but like vermin, they do posses cunning. So perhaps to a small degree, they sorta deliberately engaged in a childish version of Recon By Fire. Or, to go back and stick with the infantile metaphor, they could have been testing their boundaries; seeing how far they could go before getting whooped.

And ya know? I hate to say it (and changing metaphors one again) they gained a single yard on the play. So we need to push hard and make sure we make the bastids loose some major yardage here. This is not a mere matter of payback. It's needs to be a reckoning. Not so much do we need to be seen as dominant. But if we get the chance for a sack or a turnover? Ya, that would be some good shit.


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