Monday, June 22, 2009

How Many Friggen Times Must I Remind Ya'll?

The movement under way in Iran is NOT a freedom movement. It is a movement against the current leadership of a despotic theocracy, but the protesters wish to remain, for all the info we currently have available, under a theocracy. Less despotic, for sure, but they still seem to want the government to be an Islamic Revolutionary one. The guy who was robbed in the election? Mousavi? He was a revolutionary insider, and was close to Khomeini. You remember him don't ya'll?

I should be laughing my head off, but I have seen head-up-their-fat-asses Republicans over on the Hannity Board who just weeks ago were likely wishing for an excuse to, as that genius McCain once sang."Bomb bomb, Iran," now ignorantly put their ignorant support behind someone who is, from the point of view of a real lover of democracy, the enemy. What The Fuck, Indeed. Honestly I wish there was a proper counterrevolution going on over there, but that is not the case, not yet at the least.

(Oh, and after finding this panel from Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel "Persepolis," I am reminded of the need to say the following? Have you seen the movie "Persepolis" yet? If not, what are you waiting for? A fraking invatation? Consider yourself invited.)

I will end there, for now. But be warned. Focusing this much (and that is to honestly say not all that damn much, actually) time on the land of the Islamic Revolution has me thinking about one of my favorite pet peeves. Organized religion may not be totally a force of ill in the world, but whenever it gets too closely intertwined with government, it is the fucking worst thing.

I will try to end there -- save maybe for some Haiku later.


(Accuse me of hedging my bets, but) I hope I am wrong. I hope that there is a real genuine freedom movement there. I just watched a chunk of an event with the ex Crown Prince of Iran, who stopped short of calling it a revolution, but thinks, based on the info he is getting out Iran, that it is a movement that is now more than just over one stolen election. But still. He is not sure of what it is now. He seems to think the current regime is in dire straits, and that the people are not going to be merely satisfied with a new election or a recount that finds that in fact Mousavi won. But he also admits that the regime could go ultra psycho killer.

Given my low opinion of religious fundys, particularly them who not only think they are that infallibly right, but in charge of the government, and the guns, and the army, and the police force, and the secret police force, and the paramilitary force? I am expecting slaughter before the flowering of a new day and a new way of self governing there.

Wishing harder for that is not going to make it any more likely to happen. I will wait, and watch and comment, and if I see real signs of counterrevolution, I will break out the green. Then. But it has to be a real counterrevolution for me to get really excited about it.


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