Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Great Teaser Line. I Haven't Even Read Past it, Yet.

The author:
Eric Deggans.

The link:
The fight over Sonia Sotomayor.

The line:

"What irks me most about the media circus around Sotomayor's nomination is that white politicians and pundits pretend their race and culture have no impact on their sensibilities."

I will add commentary after finishing reading it.

Ok. Done. And it is a very well presented essay on some of the side issues of the Nomination Circus. And it is already quite the circus, thanks to the racist redneck wing of the GOP. I should tie mention of this piece to another that was posted over on Huffpo by the noted linguist, George Lakoff:

Empathy and Sotomayor.

Apologies for major paraphrasing (and since he is a linguist, he know this topic better than I do, from this angle), but I so agree with him about how GOPers try to re frame the debate, and how we (the sane people) need to fight them. The two essays dovetail in my mind as they highlight not only something critical here, but something I have been carping about for ever here on this blog, and that is how we can not give these GOP evil liars an inch when it comes to reshaping the dialogue/conversation/issue. There are few things they are good at. Fucking up the conversation is not only something they are good at, but are deliberately doing knowing they are good at it. So we, the reality based progressive humanists have to make sure that we push back and push back hard on the GOP, both the semi rational ones and the redneck racist wing.

If let to their own choices, they would redefine racism as not only when ever any non white mentions the fact they are not white, but have it be exclusively the infraction of non whites.

What obnoxious, evil bitches they are. And they have the nerve to believe God is on their side.

What the fuck!


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