Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dispicable. Just Friggen Dispicable. And Ignorant.

I'm watching the vid of that Redneck Rep. Rohrabacher, criticizing Pres. Obama for not talking tough enough (for his likes) about Iran.

Here is what he says, trying to make a point that Obama is acting scared; the Mullah regime are murderers and thugs . . . .

Um bitch, that is the point. They are murderers and thugs and the wrong sort of rhetoric could get a lot more of those Iranian peeps killed by those murdering, thuggish Mullahs.

And the odds are still that if there is regime change any time soon it will be of the,"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss," Mullas still actually running the show there, but with a different supreme leader, sort. It ain't gonna even look like Iraq-style democracy, leave alone ours.

Congressman Rohrabacher. Either learn how the fuck the government of Iran actually works, or if you do and are just talking out your ass, then do the people of Iran you claim to care about so much (all a sudden) and shut the fuck up, before you get a bunch of them killed.

Then again, any shit head who thinks Ronnie Raygun ended the Cold War is likely too stupid a fuck to know not to gamble with other people's lives for the sake of a momentary ideological moment.


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