Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to One of the Core Reasons I Despise so Many Republicans.

I was just watching vid of Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. They were talking about abortion.

I was painfully reminded of one of those core reasons why I despise so many Republicans, well and that is to say I despise those who warp the language to frame the debate and try to score a point by not only basically but blatantly cheating.

Case in point: that recent poll saying now for the first time more Americans describe themselves as pro life. That lying assed piece of garbage Huckabee presented that factoid as if it meant "pro life, as defined by the anti-abortion rights movement." And I feel perfectly justified in calling Pastor Huckabee a lying assed piece of garbage because I bothered to check that seemingly suspect poll, the first time I heard some lying assed piece of garbage Republican spit it out. And lo and behold, when the pollsters moved on to the actual questions about actually being in favor of the rights of women to make their own reproductive choices, that phony majority disappeared.

Nevertheless, that lying assed piece of garbage, Pastor Huckabee, sat there at the desk and spat out that factoid as if it actually meant what he was trying to sell it as. That makes him a bald faced evil liar. To his credit, Stewart took the high road, and instead of calling bullshit on Huckabee, did the "Hey everyone is for life," routine. That was very kind of him, but as I am the guy who has posted time and time again about how it is a fundamentally wicked and dishonest game these bastards play, that I really have no desire to even tacitly legitimize their evil lies.

Using the label "Pro Life" for the anti abortion movement is fundamentally a lie, in so far as to make a bold as brass assertion that only people on that side of the issue are in favor of life.

And since we are on the topic, let's hit on some of the other lies those on that side of the issue regularly employ.

No. It is not a baby. If we are talking about a 24 week old fetus, it is not a baby, damnit. It is a 24 week old fetus.

And no. person hood does not begin at conception. To argue it does, is lie. Plain and simple.

I know that the kind of people who think that such warping of the meaning of words to bolster their weak arguments are fundamentally dishonest people. And I also know few peeps ever see this blog, but still. I want to make the point here that it is not a matter of what associations certain individuals make with certain words that is what define the parameters of accepted reality. It is the actual meanings of the words. So even if I know begging is not going to change these dishonest shits, I beg . . . stop lying you lying liars. Ya'll supposed to believe in Hell right? So where do the liars go, if there really is a Hell?

Again, fucking lying assed shit for brains Republicans really seem to have trouble with the obvious, even when it is a core concept in their religion. How the fuck does someone accept that the 10 Commandments are God's law, and that sinners go to Hell, and liars are sinners. And then lie lie lie lie lie, as they advance their political agenda, and miss the blindingly obvious (assuming their religion is not bullshit) conclusion that they are gonna go straight to Hell for lying like that?

What the fuck, indeed!


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