Monday, June 01, 2009

And Up Jumped One-ah Them Crazy, Homicidal Rednecks, Assassinating That Doctor at His Church . . .

about a day after I post about how if the trend continues, the Redneck Wing of the GOP is going the way of sabot-eurs, known mostly if only in history for an act of violence. And this time it really was domestic terrorism.

I am not happy to be correct.

But I if the trend continues, I will be proved correct.


I would love to see Bill O'Reilly indicted along with the shooter. It is about time for the cowardly Rednecks who preach violence like that, but are too chicken shit to do it themselves, to own up to it, if only when compelled by lawful writ of seizure and being bound for trial.

I doubt that would happen. But how about a nice, big, fat Civil Rico Suit? Proceed X Billo, and FOX, and any of the other hosts/commentators who were metaphorically shouting Hellfire in a crowded room of witless, and armed Republican Rednecks. Drag Randall Terry in, too. Fuck him. Take all his money, I mean, make sure that two out of every three dollars he lays hands on for the rest of his life, goes to the Tiller Estate, until a $10,000,000.00 judgment (+ interest) is paid off.

Ya. That.


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