Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Just a Brief Mention of The Latest Palin Redneck Reality TV Moment.

Some Blogger posted a photoshopped pic of this ugly (in every sense of the word) redneck's head on baby Trig's body, from that photo.

The same photo I posted last week accusing Alaska Evita of not really actually finger banging the lad, but still doing something very creepy.

Nasty redneck man is an Alaska Republican Racist Radio Guy.

The intent of the blogger was to highlight the unnaturally cozy relationship between Palin and this shitty racist redneck radio guy.

Palin's reply? Went off on a vamp about making fun of a special needs baby. As if the intent was to mock Trig. (And honestly bitch, ya don't want your child ever mocked, don't give him an unnatural name like that. Shit.)

But the point really is, is she that vapid that she does not get it that the disconnect between the original topic and her reply is as huge as the Pacific Ocean?



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