Friday, June 05, 2009

Alors! The Worst Republican of the Week Ain't Even Republican.

And the winner is . . . . The So-Called Main Stream Liberal Elite Media.

Now you know I am being as fair to you guys as possible but ya'll be fucking up way too much lately.

The Real Republicans in Congress and in other offices, and on the radio and TV may be douche bags, and crazy racist rednecks, or just plain crazy folk, but sometimes they are crazy like a fox. No pun intended there. They may act like crazy douche bag rednecks, usually, for the sheer joy they have with their stupid, foul, sociopathic selves. But one of the other reasons, they do that shit is you wankers keep putting them on TV and in the papers with out pointing out the fact that they are acting like stupid, foul, sociopathic crazy racist rednecks.

Use the right adjectives, or don't give them airtime. Fuck!

So until you all get that right, you have a continuing status as enemies to truth, reality, and willing jailhouse bizzatcioches of the stupid, foul, sociopathic crazy racist rednecks. And if that is who is punking yer azzes, what does that make you?


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