Wednesday, June 17, 2009

40. No. Make That Only 15 Protesters at the Fire Dave Rally.

The other 25 peeps were the press.

Ok. I admit it is hard to find 15 local racist redneck Republicans in the Tri-State Area, willing to look like batshit stupid assholes by showing up to that shit-tastic event. Hey. I even heard that the alleged organizer saw the low turnout, hailed a taxi, and got the hell out of there (not before being spotted, obviously.)

But more to the point. I may have misspoke about Mrs. Palin. She might have to work a lot harder to become Auto-arch of the Redneck Army, if Dave can call her slutty, and not apologize for that, and only get 15 protesters to show up.

Yes, he apologized for the daughter joke (the knock-knock joke) twice. But he did not have to 'pologize for the other crack. Speaking of crack . . . wait no. I can resist the urge to go for the low hanging low humor there. But I will say this. Alaskan Evita doesn't seem to mind them jokes about looking sleazy. I guess she is comfortable with that.

Oh and hey. I have not bothered to check the stats, but if Alaskan Evita is so worried about the continuing virtue of the 14 year old, she ought to do something with the family Teen Ho Mom, like get her married off ASAP!!

That is what Alaskan Evita should be worried about -- how teen unwed mommy elder sister is getting all that attention for being an unwed teen mom. Ya. I have no idea, personally, what kind of psycho shit goes down in the Palin Residence, particularly over Bristol's fuck up. But again, with out seeing the stats? Odds are for some major acting out by the 14 year old. Eventually. I see either therapists or a reality TV show in her future. Maybe both.


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