Friday, May 22, 2009

Worst Republican Bigot of the Week

Once again, we have way too many contenders for the wide open category, so I am declaring today GOP Bigot Day. I was all ready to name that Republican Congresscritter Paul Broun (R-Ga.) Worst GOP Bigot of the week for his campaign to get Congress to pass a resolution declaring 2010 The Year of The Bible.

If that is not bigotry, what is? Well it is, but I got one worse than that. Liberty University disbanded/dis funded its Student Democratic Club. Yup. That is a more patently offensive bit of GOP Bigotry.

Now for kudos.

Kudos to Con. Radio Head Mancow, who is braver than that bitch Hannity, who allowed himself to be water boarded.

His post experience opinion? It's Torture!

I guess he might not get asked to be on Hannity's show for a while, on both counts.

That is all . . . for now.


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