Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will These Facts Make the Evil Lying GOPers Stop With the Bull Shit Attacks?

Since we are talking Evil Lying Republicans, not bloody likely.

Just for the record, Associate Justice Scalia has said that appellate courts Make Policy!

(Stop the presses!)

And Associate Justice Alito thinks about his immigrant ancestors, who had experienced discrimination, when he is hearing a discrimination case!

(Next ya gonna tell me water is wet? I can't take this crazy shit no more!)

Point is, the Evil Lying Republicans really never cared about whether or not there was actual fire there, they just had to get some smoke up, and fast. They (particularly them who either do not have elected offices, or feel very secure with their chances of reelection) are already dug in. They are gonna hold on to this shit and double down the bets again, perhaps even more times, as that is how they operate.

Irony is the fuckwits like Gingrich, and Hannity, and Tancredo, and Beck, and Limbaugh Just Prove The Point -- way the hell past what Judge Sotomayor originally meant, and that basically was, as someone who knows discrimination first hand, she knows it all too well.


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