Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is Only Marginally Related to Anything I Have been Talking About.

But it illustrates the point I was trying to make about what is important to in-groups. I slipped into Sociology Speak there, but in my last post I was talking about why most Latinos were not particularly warm to Miguel Estrada (but as I did not particularly say, Judge Sotomayor is more likely to be embraced as their kind of people.) The issue is what is the real criterion for being embraced by the group.

So I am watching, on Hulu, that brilliant show "Studio 60." It did not last long, and that was a shame as it was some of the best TV ever done. That is, if you accept my definition that best means smart, as well as well acted, written, produced, directed, all that stuff.

Anyway, I am up to the 2nd full episode (not counting the pilot.) The lovely Amanda Peet plays the President of Entertainment Programming . Bradley Whitford plays the fictional show's Producer.

Says the producer to the president,"You look like one of them. But you sound like one of us."

Now that is what I was talking about!


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