Thursday, May 21, 2009

These Evil Lying Gopers are Gonna Finally Convince Me that Torture Has it's Uses. On Them (just kidding, But . . .)

Ok. I was watching some vid of Joe (I made a typo first time, Hoe) Scaroborough and Ed Schultz going at it. As said before, Crazy Joe is a sociopath lover, sadist defending follower of the beat the truth out of folk camp. And he is an evil liar. In this vid he goes from saying (in the course of a minute or two) he is in favor of full disclosure of the GITMO story, including "techniques" as he is under the delusion that that sort of shit had anything to do with keeping the nation safe. But he went on to say something about getting the two sides of the story out.

Ex cuse fucking me? There is only one side to the truth. You only have the truth and the lies and the bullshit.

What the fuck?

Give me an honest sociopath instead of these evil lying douchebags. I am so tired of people who do wrong, or apologize for wrong, or support wrong, only if they can use some camouflage or bullshit redefining term to cover the fact up that they are in fact evil shits.

Speaking of evil shits, who try to redefine words and meanings to suit their evil agenda?

I just today saw some of the vid from that GOP convention where they had a resolution to fucking rename the Democratic party?

Is there any surprise why I despise them folk? Or cuss my head of about them?

The GOP is trying to rename and re brand the Democratic party. What the fuck!


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