Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Pres. Obama Spoke at the Notre Dame Ceremony and the Sky Did Not Fall.

But a few douchebaggy bigoted protesters got arrested. Nice going douches. Do they know that when they do that the look like rabid Wahabbis?

Friggin' evil lying hypocrites.

But here is the real topic I want to talk about: Academic Regalia and Dress.

Now I got to wondering, when I saw this pic, why he wasn't wearing his Harvard Gown and JD. hood. I should have figured that out myself and I googled. Now given the fact he was going to receive an honorary degree from Notre Dame, that meant he was going to be given a new hood. And the rule is you can only wear one hood at a time. And I guess since he was getting the honorary degree from N.D. it makes sense he wear their fancy blue gown, instead of his Harvard J.D. gown.

Now here is my next google, re such. Is an honorary degree and associate regalia recognized anywhere but the granting institution? Meaning, if you are not a real hood earning graduate or professional program graduate, can you wear your honorary garb at some academic ceremony where you are just a speaker, or is that bad form? My guess is it is bad form. If I were to speak at some formal academic function, I know I have to rent a proper J.D.'s gown and the hood (as I did not buy it, when I earned it.)

But what of some one who hasn't achieved-earned, but merely has a conferred honorary one?

Hmm . . . that is an interesting question to me at least.


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