Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Situation Reminds Me of the Time in Law School When the Proff Gave Me 1/2 a Star.

What he likely said though was something more like you are half way there . . .

And that is where Sen. Jeff Sessions of AL is; half way there. I saw the tape of him with David Gregory. Sessions, at first, was only saying things like he would not have used the word racist to describe Judge Sotomayor. Eventually Gregory got him to not just agree with the idea that she was not a racist but in his own words describing what the redneckers were doing, he said that no one should be,"Demagogue race."

That was very well said. Unfortunately, that is the business the likes of Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh are in; demagoguery.

Anyway, at the beginning of the clip, Gregory put up on the screen and read a very large chunk of the 'essay,' starting before the quote from Assoc. Justice O'Connor, and ending a sentence or two past the mention of the white male judge. It was laid out as concretely and fully as was necessary to set the thing in it's proper context. Yet still, Sessions screwed the pooch with his remarks about how he felt about her, based on that chunk. Sessions did that, I'm troubled, song and dance. I should not be surprised he did that; taking that angle is the moderate plan of attack, but still, I really hope this time around we finally as a nation kill and destroy the GOP/Conservative lies about the judiciary, or at least mangle them so badly, and shove the still twitching bits so far down the GOP's gullet (metaphorically speaking) they will be chicken shit to ever say that shit in public ever again. All but the most insane ones, is what I mean.

And to be specific, I will refer back to Sotomayor's speech. She talks about the aspiration to be fully neutral and impartial. Then she gets to the reality, and that is the real world fact that who we are, what we have experienced (and she clearly meant by that reference to white males, what we have not experienced) is going to affect a judge's rulings. Or, as she said, experience (or the lack of it) will affect how one see the facts. Way I would have said it is that some people lacking some experiences will not see, as in even be able to see certain facts at all, never mind, give appropriate weight to them. (I say that as someone who had repeatedly and usually with out any measure of success, tried to get some people to see the more subtle forms of racism that are still prevalent in our society.)

So from my POV all Judge Sotomoyor said there (and I am summing it up for all ya'll) is that she hopes her experience leads her to making better decisions. And that troubles Sessions? So he only gets half a star. Memo to Sen. Sessions. Judges are human beings. If you think they do not do their job based on the specific organization of meat, water, synapses, electrical charges, and the specific data stored in their brains and minds, you are a fool. As the Judge said there in that essay, one aspires to be neutral. But one has to use the brain they have in their heads to do the job, not the next person's head.

And now that I mentioned that dirty little word . . . "hopes?" That is the part that makes all these people jumping on her case, even if they are calling her a racist or not, the worst of liars.

She said "Hopes."


She did not bombastically say, "Ain't no doubt that I will always make the better decision."

So anyone who says or argues that she did, is a damned liar. That means you Sen. Graham. I saw his vid today, too. I will give him props for denouncing the rednecks attacking the Judge as a racist. But he so clearly misstated her words and message that he basically flat out lied, there. And he is a lawyer. He should know for a fact that the entire GOP line of attack based on (and her name is Goddess Themis) Lady Justice and her blindfold, is mostly bullshit. So he does not even get the 1/2 star, the simpering, sniveling little prick.

But them Republicans like them their soundbytes, no matter how close or far to the facts they are. On a side note, no wonder they are under represented in any field where creativity is a requirement.


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