Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah Palin's Mullet, and the Last Stand of the Rednecks.

Now the idea that the endangered subspecies, Redneckus Republicanus Americanus, is diminishing, and as stupid as they are, they know it, and are acting accordingly, is not new or particularly insightful. They might ignore news that goes against their views, but when they see reports that Hispanics are going to outnumber Caucasians here in the USA in a few decades, they notice it. And they will and have been acting accordingly.

I am not saying they are acting intelligently, properly, or even in a predictable manner, but they do sorta seem to be stuck in several of the "stages of dying" all at the same time.


Well, that is so much a part of their modus operandi, that it is as natural as breathing (heavy.)

Well, read or seen any GOP commentators or politicians lately?


Fuck fear. Stark raving paranoia is considered normal and admirable to that lot (consider Cheney's reputation with them has been going up, not down, lately.)


Well that is what they seem to be doing. Trying to rally around that modified Mullet Head Palin, and getting a proper Redneck in the White House, if only this last time, is their last ditch attempt to make a deal with the powers that be. Not that any of that lot has flat out said that if they get Alaskan Evita in there, they promise to diminish quietly, after the Palin Party is over. And we know if they did promise, they would be lying. They have no intent to go quietly. Just look how ugly they are acting over the Sotomayor nomination. You might think they have hit bottom, there is no more level of low to hit. And if you thought so, you would be wrong. But still. Point is they are far from . . .
They have historically overinflated their numbers. They have managed to miss entirely the fact that not only are they members of the minority party, but they as the Redneck faction, are a minority of the minority party. And even if the whole Republican Party is in die back, as a population, they still do not get the core fact. Not only are so called Conservatives now a very unpopular creature, they never have been popular, ever. Even in the GOP, the Conservatives have been viewed like the crazy aunt or uncle who shows up for holiday parties, acts like a ill mannered bore at the table, gropes the kiddies, and passes out on the couch, likely peeing on it.
And that is the mere Conservatives! The Redneck faction behave far worse than that.
Point is, nobody likes Rednecks. Shit. Even other Rednecks do not particularly like Rednecks really. But since no one else can stand to be around them, I guess they sorta stick together out of mutual need.
But back to my core point, they know they are diminishing. That is in large part why we are seeing the volume and scale of lunatic words and behaviour from the likes of Hannity, and Coulter, and Beck, and Limbaugh, and Gingrich, and the rest of them. They are like the original Sabot-eurs, staring at progress, at the very prospect of their own irrelevance and meaninglessness. And realizing how little worth they have in this world, coming up with a futile, meaningless gesture, like sticking their shoes in the machine, hoping that would halt the march of progress.
Rednecks beware. All that remains of the original Sabot-eurs is a word we now use to describe folk who deliberately destroy things. And here is my prediction. In a hundred years, all that will remain about Rednecks will likely be use of the word for some truly irredeemable social pariahs -- like domestic terrorists.
I won't be around to see if my prediction comes true then. But ya know? If I last another 30 to 40 years, I might live to see the day. It could come that soon, ya know.


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