Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Republicans are Like the Monkeys at the Zoo

flinging their own shit at the wall, and admiring it, even if no one else does.

And that is my segue to to tonight's torture watch and faux Pelosi Distraction Story, watch.

I caught the vid of Matthew Yglesias on Nora O'Donnell's show talking about how this whole "Get Nancy" thing can backfire on the GOPers. Ya. I agree. I don't think anyone in Congress is going to get indicted, here, but former Bushies, if the investigation goes forward? Ya bitches. Dare Gammy Pelosi to let loose Congressman Conyers all over that shit? Ya. Things we want to see this year, right after seeing Alaskan Evita charged and arrested for multiple felonies, is to see Conyers with the green light to "Get 'em."

The entertainment value of that circus should at least match if not beat the Watergate Hearings.

Bring that Shit on. I don't watch Big Brother any more so I would love to see some Bush appointees roasting on a metaphorical spit this summer.

Beyond that, what the fuck. I saw the vid of Jessee Ventura smacking down that douche Hannity, and also the twit from Fox and Friends. And here is the truth. He went easy on both of them.

My take? New one, as of tonight since watching that vid. The civilized anti torture person cuts off or otherwise challenges the psychopath defending torture with the following bait:

"Are you less smart as your ancestor from 6,000 years ago?"

They likely will either genuinely not get the message right away or will play dumb. Better if they play dumb. But the civilized person can say, "It is a simple question. Well there is a twist to it if not a trick but this is really that simple a question. Are you smarter than your ancestors from 6,000 years ago, or not?"

They will sense the trap as the civilized person has already telegraphed that. And the sadist will not want to risk a trap, so the civilized person is going to have to push it.

"Ok. Here is what your, mine, and every other human's ancestors from 6,000 years ago knew. They knew that information you beat out of someone is not really very reliable, on account of the stop that hurts, I will say what the fuck ever you want, factor. And that you could beat a false confession out of anyone. So what is the matter with you if you do know that much?"

Ok. You can't say fuck in tv, so use a more polite version. But the point remains the same (even if stripped of it's proper vulgar content and weight.) What the fuck is wrong with people? Don't people today know what people knew 6,000 years ago? That when it comes down to facts, the only reason for beating the shit out of people (or otherwise torturing them) is only for the sadistic, psychopathic pleasure of it?

Oh, ya. We live in a day and age were some people THINK that if they have a veneer of a scrim of a thinly disguised and not really good excuse for acting like a blood lusting psycho, that means they are not really blood lusting psychos.

Again, I say, things all our ancestors knew 6,000 years ago, that the only reason for beating the shit out of someone is for the sick, psycho thrill in it?

Fucking (some) people fucking suck.


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